Ways to help.

Your generous donation will help bring back the joy of childhood to kids in need. Rest assured that 89.9% of every dollar donated goes directly toward supporting children and families.

A Kid Again is an accredited charity with the BBB, a four-star Charity Navigator member, and a platinum-level GuideStar rated charity.

More ways to help

Attend an event

Attending a fundraiser for A Kid Again isn’t just any social event—it’s a party with a purpose! You get to have a blast while making a real difference in the lives of some awesome kids. Plus, it’s a great chance to meet others who care about the same cause. So come on, grab your ticket, bring your friends, and let’s have some fun for a fantastic cause!


Corporate partnership

Take your corporate partnership to the next level with A Kid Again! Together, we can unleash the power of your brand and make a lasting impact on the lives of children facing life-threatening conditions. Whether you’re a company experienced in corporate philanthropy or exploring new ways to give back, we’re here to support your journey. Let’s join forces, amplify your impact, and create unforgettable Adventures for these incredible kids. Are you ready to make a difference that leaves a lasting legacy?

Raise funds your way

Get ready to level up your fundraising game with A Kid Again! With our peer-to-peer fundraising platform, you can turn your passion into purpose and your network into a force for good. Whether you’re a fundraising pro or just getting started, we’ve got your back every step of the way. Let’s team up, spread joy, and create unforgettable Adventures for these amazing kids. Are you ready to make a difference that truly matters?

Donate cash or assets

Prepare to unlock the power of giving in the most remarkable way with A Kid Again! By donating money, assets, shopping with purpose, contributing real estate, or giving cryptocurrency, you can transform the lives of children facing life-threatening conditions and create unforgettable Adventures filled with joy and laughter. Let’s embark on this incredible journey together and make a lasting impact. Are you ready to make a difference that truly matters?


Advocating for A Kid Again is like being a superhero for kids who could use one. You get to spread the word about our awesome Adventures and how we bring families joy. It’s all about using your voice, network, and passion to help us reach more people. So grab your cape, and let’s get loud and proud for a great cause!


Volunteer your time

Volunteering for A Kid Again is like signing up for a backstage pass to all the fun. You’re right there in the action, helping create the Adventures that bring joy to these amazing kids and their families. Plus, you’ll meet some great people and make memories that’ll warm your heart. So roll up your sleeves, let’s make some magic together!