Our Mission

We exist to foster hope, happiness, and, healing for children with life-threatening conditions and their families.

Our Vision

Every child in America with a life-threatening condition can be A Kid Again.

We make life for families caring for a child with a life-threatening condition“normal” again by helping them gain back moments of positive, family-shared experiences and memories.

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Why We Do It

A Kid Again is specifically designed to involve the entire family (not just the child who is ill) to improve the wellbeing of everyone affected by the situation. The families who participate in A Kid Again give back as much as they receive by connecting with each other and sharing their own stories of strength and encouragement.

What We Do

Year ‘round fun-filled adventures that allow children with life-threatening conditions to feel like A Kid Again. A Kid Again works to create a communal and interactive environment. Our program establishes ongoing, nurturing experiences that complement but do not overtake their day-to-day living.

How We Do It

We accomplish this mission through the dedication of our volunteer network and the generosity of our donors. We strive to go beyond activities, providing comprehensive, practical support to help families cope with the extended effects of life-threatening conditions.

Enroll A Child

Do you have or know a child with a life-threatening condition? Enroll them with this chapter to be a part of the A Kid Again family!

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Office Staff

Oyauma Garrison
National Office
President and CEO
Jeffrey Damron
National Office
Executive Vice President of Advancement and Development
Jennifer Koma
National Office
Chief Operating Officer
Christine Airhart
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Associate Director of Experience and Expansion
Kevin Harty
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National Office
Director, Creative & Marketing
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National Office
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Cassy Sleeper
National Office/Central Ohio Chapter
Director of Strategic Relationships
Kathy Derr
Central Ohio Chapter
Director of Volunteers and Programs
Christine Bucknell
Northern Ohio Chapter
Executive Director
Julie Nagy
Northern Ohio Chapter
Development Assistant
Meghan Hawkins
Northern Ohio Chapter
Family Programs and Communications Coordinator
Katie Pappas
Indiana Chapter
Regional Executive Director
Amy Przybylinski
Indiana Chapter
Programs & Communications Coordinator
Nick Wagner
Southwest Ohio Chapter
Executive Director
Amanda Witt
Southwest Ohio Chapter
Engagement & Communications Coordinator
Rachel Lippoff
Philadelphia Region
Executive Director

National Board Members

Brian DiMasi
Board Chair
Senior Corporate Counsel
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Carrie Maun-Smith
Vice Chair
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Matt Monnin
Immediate Past Chair
Business Development VP
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Tom DiMarco
Interim HealthCare
Michelle Galligan
Keep Financials
Teddy Douglass
Steven English
Senior VP, Office of Government Relations
Oyauma Garrison
President & CEO
A Kid Again
Joseph Hamrock
President & CEO
Dennis Hoffman
Assistant General Counsel
Greif, Inc.
John F. Kelley
Chief People Officer and Vice President
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Sheela Kunduru
Sritech Global Inc.
Navid Mostoufi
Senior Vice President
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Mark Peacock
Chief HR Officer
John A. Price
Head of Marketing & Business Development
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Ernie Sullivan
Executive Vice President
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Dr. Markita Suttle
Pediatric Critical Care Physician
Nationwide Children's Hospital
Poe Timmons
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams
Billy Vickers
President & CEO
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Nicole Wilson
Director of Strategic Sourcing
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Karla Berberich
Fisher Board Fellow

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