About  A Kid Again

Our purpose is to foster hope, happiness, and healing for children with life-threatening conditions and their families. The heart of our team is our dedicated volunteer network and generous donors who have enabled us to provided year-round Adventures that allow children with life-threatening conditions to feel like A Kid Again since 1995.

Our commitment to families goes beyond our Adventures by providing comprehensive, practical support to help navigate the long-term impact of a life-threatening condition. The network of awesome families offers a safe place to share stories of strength and encouragement.

Our History

  • Adventure For Wish Kids Created

    Adventure For Wish Kids Created

    The organization is registered as a nonprofit in the state of Ohio under the name of  Adventures for Wish Kids. 75 families enrolled – 500 attendees served

  • Kings Island Adventure!

    Kings Island Adventure!

    The Kings Island Adventure becomes an annual event. 115 families enrolled – 1,100 attendees served

  • First Staff Member Hired

    First Staff Member Hired

    The first A Kid Again staff member is hired to help provide SIX Adventures. 175 families enrolled – 1,600 attendees served

  • Seven Adventures

    Seven Adventures

    The Ohio State Basketball Clinic and Columbus Zoo Adventure are added to create SEVEN Adventures for families 220 families enrolled – 2,100 attendees served

  • $500K in Donations

    $500K in Donations

    A Kid Again received more than $500K in donations and offered EIGHT Adventures. 285 families enrolled – 2,700 attendees served

  • Expanding in Ohio

    Expanding in Ohio

    Dayton and Cincinnati offices are established to help provide even more Adventures across Ohio.

  • 15 Adventures Per Year

    15 Adventures Per Year

    A Kid Again received more than $1,000,000 in donations and offered 15 Adventures! 800 families enrolled – 7,600 attendees served

  • Garth Brooks

    Garth Brooks

    A Kid Again is featured at Garth Brooks’ Teammates for Kids event in Las Vegas!

  • Northern Ohio Chapter

    Northern Ohio Chapter

    A Kid Again continues to grow when The Northern Ohio Chapter is established. 25 Adventures offered – 1,450 families enrolled

  • A Kid Again Rebrand!

    A Kid Again Rebrand!

    Adventures for Wish Kids rebrands to A Kid Again! 28 Adventures offered – 1,550 families enrolled

  • New Logo

    New Logo

    A Kid Again introduces a new logo.

  • 29 Adventures Annually

    29 Adventures Annually

    More than $2 million is donated and 29 Adventures offered. 1,650 families enrolled – 12,740 attendees served

  • CEO Named

    CEO Named

    Oyauma Garrison named as CEO. More than $2.5 million in donations are raised and 28 Adventures are offered! 1,750 families enrolled – 12,687 attendees served

  • Indiana Chapter Opens!

    Indiana Chapter Opens!

    A Kid Again opened their first chapter outside of Ohio when The Indiana Chapter was established and 30 Adventures are offered across two states. 1,982 families enrolled – 13,699 attendees served

  • Mid-Atlantic Chapter

    Mid-Atlantic Chapter

    The Mid-Atlantic Chapter is established in Philadelphia and $3.2 million in donations secured. 300,000+ attendees since A Kid Again’s inception

  • Central Carolinas’ Chapter

    Central Carolinas’ Chapter

    A Kid Again celebrates 25 years, establishes the Central Carolinas’ Chapter in Charlotte, NC, and introduces Adventures in a Box during lockdown.  

  • Michigan Chapter

    Michigan Chapter

    The Michigan Chapter established and Adventure opportunities expanded to families across the US. 72 Adventures offered

  • Adventures Expand!

    Adventures Expand!

    In-person Adventures are offered in DMV, Kentucky, Pittsburgh, and the Upper Midwest. $3.7 million raised. 4,861 families enrolled – 29,803 attendees served

  • Massive Growth

    Massive Growth

    6,400 new families enrolled with A Kid Again. In person Adventures added in California and Texas. $5.2 million in donations are raised and 101 Adventures are offered. 11,121 families enrolled – 69,137 attendees served

  • National President and CEO

    National President and CEO

    Megan Koester named National President and CEO of A Kid Again. Cedar Fair donations have exceeded $10M since A Kid Again’s inception.