Ways to fundraise

Fundraise Your Way

Starting a peer-to-peer fundraiser for A Kid Again? That’s a fun, easy way to get your crew involved in spreading joy! Rally your friends, family, and colleagues, and together, let’s create more Adventures for these amazing kids. It’s not just about raising funds—it’s about sharing love and making a difference, right from your living room!

Stream to Support

Streaming your gameplay or live events for A Kid Again? How cool is that! You’re turning your fun time into a fundraiser, helping us bring more Adventures to awesome kids. You game, they gain—it’s a win-win! So grab your controller or your mic, and let’s create some smiles!

School Fundraising

Organizing a school fundraiser for A Kid Again? That’s an A+ idea! Rally your classmates, teachers, or the entire school to help bring more ‘Adventures’ to these incredible kids. You’re not just raising funds—you’re learning about empathy, leadership, and making a real difference. So let’s get creative, bring those classroom vibes, and let’s do this together!