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Calling all Adventure enthusiasts and kind-hearted souls! Becoming an Adventure Guide with A Kid Again is your ticket to experiencing the magic of making dreams come true. As an Adventure Guide, you’ll be right there, creating unforgettable moments of joy for children and families facing life-threatening conditions. Join our incredible team, unleash your inner superhero, and make a difference that will leave a lasting impact. Are you ready to embark on an Adventure that will touch lives and warm hearts? Let’s dive in and spread smiles together!

What is an Adventure Guide?

An Adventure Guide is someone who brings fun and excitement to an A Kid Again experience!

Whether they’re helping at an Adventure, running reports and stuffing envelopes in the office, helping our families get acquainted with an amusement park, or serving at a fundraiser, Adventure Guides are ready to jump in and help at any moment.

Referring to our volunteers as Adventure Guides will enhance the experience for those helping support our Adventures AND better describe how each person plays a huge role in making Adventures great.

This unique name supports the mission of A Kid Again and embodies the spirit of the important role you have when you serve as a volunteer. And it’s fun to say!

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What are some volunteer opportunities?

Administrative/Office Support

Join our administrative/office support team and be the behind-the-scenes hero that keeps things running smoothly. From answering calls to organizing paperwork, your attention to detail and organizational skills will help create a seamless operation and make a real impact on the lives of our families.

Adventure Day

Become a crucial part of our Adventure Day Support team, ensuring that our events for families run seamlessly. Whether it’s setting up equipment or assisting with activities, your involvement will help create unforgettable experiences for the children and families we serve.

Fundraising Events

Join our fundraising events team and be part of the fun and purpose. From planning and organizing events to engaging with donors, your enthusiasm and dedication will help us raise vital funds to create even more memorable adventures for these deserving kids.


Capture the moments that matter! Your keen eye and creative perspective will help us document the joy and magic of our Adventures, preserving cherished memories for our families for years to come.

Social Media

Join our social media volunteer team and use the power of digital platforms to spread the word about our incredible mission. From creating engaging content to interacting with our online community, your creativity and passion for storytelling will help us inspire others to get involved and make a difference.

Group Opportunities

Whether it’s organizing events, facilitating activities, or bringing your unique skills to the table, your group’s involvement will create treasured memories and inspire positive change for the families we serve.  Group opportunities are great for company team building, school clubs, family projects, or any other collective.

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