Ways to give

Become a recurring donor

By becoming a recurring donor, you get to be a part of our team making sure kids and their families have a blast on our Adventures each month. It’s an easy way for you to make a big difference, and help us bring more smiles to more kids all year round.

Match your donation

Checking if your company matches gifts is like finding out there’s a BOGO deal on doing good! When you donate to A Kid Again and your company matches it, that’s double the fun and joy for our kids. It’s an easy way to make your generosity go twice as far, and who doesn’t love a good deal, especially when it helps kids have more Adventures?

Leave a legacy

Choosing to leave a planned gift to A Kid Again is like planting a tree of joy that keeps on giving. It’s your personal legacy, making sure kids and their families keep having amazing Adventures for many more years. It’s a beautiful way to leave a mark that says you cared about making kids’ lives happier, even beyond your own lifetime.

Shop with a Purpose

Choosing to shop with a partner that gives back to A Kid Again means your shopping spree helps kids have a blast on their next Adventure. It’s like buying your cake and eating it too—you get your cool stuff, and you help make a kid’s day brighter. So, why just shop when you can shop and spread joy at the same time?

Give back with Venmo

Hey, did you know you can now donate to A Kid Again using Venmo? It’s super easy and quick—just like sending money to a friend. To donate, just head over to our donation page, choose Venmo at checkout, and boom! You’re helping us bring more fun and smiles to awesome kids.

Make your stock gift

Giving a stock gift to A Kid Again is like playing the market and winning every time! Instead of wondering if your stocks will go up or down, you know for sure they’ll bring smiles and amazing Adventures to kids who could really use them. It’s a smart move, turning your investments into instant joy for these awesome families.

Mail Your Donation

Dropping a donation in the mail for A Kid Again is like mailing a magic ticket for fun and joy! You pen your check, seal it with a stamp, and boom—you’re bringing more awesome Adventures to life for these incredible kids. It’s the classic, feel-good way to make a difference, and hey, who doesn’t love getting real mail that’s not a bill?

Donate Real Estate

Donating real estate to A Kid Again? That’s like unlocking a new level in the game of giving! Your property can turn into a powerhouse of joy, funding tons of Adventures for our kids. It’s a big play, and trust us, it’s a move that’ll make a real-life difference in the lives of these amazing families.