Sports and Family Time Collide

In 2003, Jacob was playing sports and his parents began to notice that he wasn’t running as he normally did.  His parents took him to the pediatrician and after a series of tests, Jacob was diagnosed in 2004 with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Knowing very little about the diagnosis his parents began to ask detailed questions in the search for answers. They were informed that the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is genetic, which then lead to the diagnosis of their second child, Noah.

Their parents have been on a continuous journey of working to provide a better quality of life for their boys to find a cure and raise awareness.

“A Kid Again has meant a great deal to us… I have never encountered an organization that allows my children to feel like A Kid Again in every sense of the word.  The ability to go on Adventures like Kings Island without having to worry about logistics, meals, and parking;

We can just focus on the kids having fun and making memories together as a family.

As a father, there is no greater joy than to see my boys practice with the OSU basketball team in the summer and interact with the players on the court.  When my boys are on the court, they are not focused on being wheelchair bound and the limitations that can bring. Instead, they are focused on having fun with other kids just like them. A Kid Again provides something money cannot buy – intentional family time where my children can truly feel like kids again”.

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