Big Adventures Bring Big Smiles

When Rozlyn was 3 years old, she was diagnosed with an extremely rare condition called Rasmussen Encephalitis that caused her to have an extraordinary amount of seizures. In order to stop her debilitating seizures, Rozlyn had an intense surgery called a Hemispherectomy to disconnect half of her brain. After her surgery she had to relearn to do almost everything, including how to walk and talk. Rozlyn has a big brother Rylen who has to attend all of her doctor’s appointments with her. They live almost 2 hours away from Rozlyn’s doctors so each appointment takes up most of the day. Because so much of their time is dedicated to Rozlyn’s appointments, they do not have a many opportunities to do fun things together as a family. That is why they attend A Kid Again Adventures as much as they can. When they are at Adventures, they have the biggest smiles on their faces. The whole family is able to forget about traveling to doctor’s appointments, and just have fun.

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