Meet Olivia – Central Ohio

Olivia is an active 14-year-old who enjoys 4-H, showing animals and camping with her mom, dad and three sisters! In September of 2019, Olivia was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma after complaining of knee pain. She had a limb salvage surgery to replace the bone in her leg and completed nine months of inpatient chemotherapy. In May 2021, Olivia relapsed after doctor’s found a lung nodule. She recently started chemo again and is doing well.

Olivia and her three sisters, Bailee, Piper and Hadley enjoy being active and have not let Olivia’s diagnosis slow them down! In July 2021, the sisters showed their horses at the Ohio State Fair. Olivia placed 3rd in Easy Gaited Horsemanship and 5th in Easy Gaited pleasure. The family is very active in 4-H and shows many different animals including dogs, goats, rabbits and chickens (although Olivia hates the chickens!).

Two years ago, Olivia and her family heard about A Kid Again through a social worker at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. They recently attended Dreamnight at the Columbus Zoo, just after finding out that Olivia’s cancer had returned. “It was a night that we got to be a family again without thinking of starting chemo and hospital stays. It was a night of dreams,” says Olivia’s mom, Tisha. The family enjoyed the scavenger hunt, light up toys and seeing all of the animals. “The night was perfect!”

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