Meet CJ – Central Ohio

Meet CJ, an outgoing 15-year-old with an infectious smile! CJ was born with Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS). CJ’s parents, Kim and David are foster parents to several medically fragile children. In July of 2021, they adopted CJ and his brother Bailey, who was born with Down Syndrome and has Spastic Quadriplegia. The family enjoys spending time together, especially at A Kid Again Adventures.


CJ and his family have been involved with A Kid Again for 5 years and consider the program a gift. “It’s such a break to attend knowing that everything is being taken care of,” says Kim. The family’s favorite Adventure so far is Magic Mountain! “Our family loves the time spent together and the opportunity to make new friends that understand our shared story of having special needs children that just want to be like everyone else”. With such a large family, they appreciate that their nurses are able to attend Adventures with them, as they provide the extra support needed for the whole family to attend outings. CJ and his family are also grateful to the volunteers who are so welcoming at Adventures. “The volunteers always make us feel as if they were just waiting for us to arrive!”

At A Kid Again, we are always excited for our families to experience Adventures! If you know someone who is raising a child with a life-threatening condition and could benefit from A Kid Again Adventures like CJ, Bailey and their whole family, have them enroll now at

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