Meet Braylon – Central Ohio

In 2018, Kayla and Jon heard a sentence that they will never forget: “your son has cancer”. Doctors diagnosed their son Braylon with a rare form of Lymphoma. The diagnosis was tough, but the family is now happy to be celebrating three years of remission for Braylon!

After Braylon was diagnosed, the family joined A Kid Again. They are grateful for the organization as a support system for their entire family. Kayla says that A Kid Again “not only puts a smile on Braylon’s face, but on his siblings faces as well”. They also enjoy meeting other A Kid Again families and seeing them enjoy time together while going through tough times. The family’s favorite Adventure together was visiting the Zoo in the winter. The kids enjoyed the lights and the animals, especially the penguins. “It is not very often that going out as a family is a possibility. A Kid Again helps bring family together in a time of need. We will always have a special place in our heart for A Kid Again”.

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