What is an adventure? A chance to be a kid again; time away from the hospital; an opportunity to forget about being sick; a group experience to a local destination with tickets, food, parking, mementos, and memories to last until the next adventure. A Kid Again is specifically designed to involve the entire family (not just the child who is ill) to improve the well being of everyone affected by the situation. This approach helps protect and strengthen the children’s primary support network and personal resolve during the most difficult period of their lives.


“A Kid Again is like a life-line. Something we can point to each month and look forward to as a family. We make sure to put those events in big red letters on the calendar and it seems to make the yucky medical stuff pale in comparison”

-Cheryl, A Kid Again Mom.

Our Serious Work Includes A Lot Of Fun Stuff

Theme Parks

Kinds Island, Cedar Point, Scene 75, Zoombezi Bay, Magic Mountain


Holiday parties, Aquarium, Father/Son Basketball, Mother/Daughter Pampering

Sporting Events

Cincinnati Reds, Ohio State Spring Game, Cleveland Indians, Columbus Blue Jackets, Dayton Dragons, Lake Erie Monsters, Columbus Crew

Zoo Days

Columbus Zoo, Cleveland Zoo, Cincinnati Zoo

Adventures In Box. Kids having fun at home

While we can’t be together for in-person Adventures, that doesn’t mean we can’t deliver hope, happiness, and healing to you and your family. That’s why we’re kicking off “Adventures in a Box” near you today!

Thanks to the support of local volunteers, donors, and sponsors, we can send you Adventures in a Box – a program that delivers a box packed full of activities you can do together as a family. Think of it as all the fun, excitement, and imagination in your child’s daily adventure, all rolled into as many as 3 different activities. It’s like a bunch of little Adventures ready for your living room! (or wherever you choose to enjoy Adventure!)

Hurry. Adventure awaits. Sign up your family for Adventures in a Box and get started with A Kid Again today!

We’re excited to bring Adventure to your child and family!

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How Is This Helping Kids And Their Families?

had an experience that was not otherwise possible
had a unique experience and a chance to feel special
of our families reported enhanced feelings of hope

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Do you have or know a child with a life-threatening illness? Enroll them with a local chapter to be a part of the A Kid Again family!

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