The Magic of the A Kid Again Magnet Flip: A Beacon of Hope for Families 


In a world where the lives of families can often be overturned by the challenges of caring for a child with a life-threatening condition, the A Kid Again “magnet flip” stands out as a symbol of hope, solidarity, and joy. This simple yet profound gesture has become a pivotal part of the organization’s mission to foster moments of joy and normalcy for these children and their families. 

The magnet flip originated as a unique and heartfelt ritual for our Central Ohio Chapter families. When a family joins an Adventure, they receive a car magnet. While out and about in their communities, families are encouraged to flip other families’ magnets, symbolizing that someone, who understands the struggles of raising a child with a life-threatening condition, is thinking about them. This small act carries a powerful message of inclusion and support. 

For families like the Grandinettes, whose son PJ has gone through multiple surgeries including a liver transplant, flipping A Kid Again magnets is their way of letting the family know that a friend is close by.   

“When we see a car with the AKA magnet on it (or plates in my case!) we automatically know that the family in the car is going through something similar to our family,” said Kim, PJ’s mom. “They have a critically ill child. When we flip other people’s magnets it feels like we are telling them that they are NOT ALONE. It’s a symbol of solidarity. It’s us saying ‘we see you and we are here with you.’” 

“Magnet flipping always means there’s someone going through the same things as me and that I always have a friend. And when I flip their magnet, it means I’m your friend and I’m looking out for you,” said 11-year-old, PJ.  

The A Kid Again magnet flip may seem like a small gesture, but its impact on the families involved is immeasurable. It’s a symbol of hope, a badge of courage, and a token of a supportive community that stands together in the face of adversity. For families facing the unimaginable, it’s a reminder that joy, Adventure, and a sense of normalcy are still within reach, and most importantly, that they are not alone in their journey.  

And as PJ’s brother 9-year-old brother Remmy says, “You should always flip them. It’s nice and you know that other people like you are not alone. I don’t ever feel alone when someone flips my magnet. You should do it too!”