Meet Lydia – Indiana

Meet Lydia – Fishers IN – Age 10 

When Lydia was in preschool, she started getting sick and was taken to a Gastroenterologist to find out what was wrong, but they were referred to Riley for further investigation. Once at Riley, Lydia was informed that something was wrong with her kidneys. A biopsy was completed and a G-tube put in place so that it was easier to give Lydia all of the medicine she needed. After living with the G-tube for a little while, Lydia’s doctors said that she was transitioning from low kidney function to kidney failure, and would need to start dialysis. Soon after, Lydia got a call that they found a kidney match, and ultimately received a kidney transplant. 

 Lydia, and her mom Paula, got involved with A Kid Again after hearing about the organization from another Riley kid who was having a transplant as well Since becoming involved, Lydia and Paula have been able to attend Christmas at the Zoo, Shop with the Pacers, Coding at Microsoft, and Read with the Pacers/Disney on Ice. When asked what her favorite is, Lydia says she can’t just pick one.  But she really wants to ride on the float in the Indy 500 Festival parade! 

 Paula says that A Kid Again not only gives her daughter a break and something to look forward to, but also gives the parents a break too.  The family gets to do things they can’t always afford, and with rising medical costs, are grateful that kids have these opportunities.  “What is priceless is the experience, the memories and friends they make along the way. We find friends within the AKA staff, volunteers, and other families at events – these bonds may not have been possible without A Kid Again”. 

Paula wants others to know that just because your child has an illness and restrictions, doesn’t mean they can’t still be a kid and have fun.

“In fact, they need a break from it all and just enjoy their childhood.  For an hour, two hours, or a whole day, they need and deserve it!” 

 Now, Lydia is in 5th grade and doing well! She continues to love Taylor Swift, dance and all things Disney, and hopes to be either a scientist or an artist when she grows up!  

Written 8/13/20

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