Meet Joey – Southwest Ohio

Joey Chiulli is an amazing six-year-old boy who loves helping people, charming lifeguards at the pool and taking on a challenge! One challenge the Chiulli family wasn’t expecting was leukemia, but Joey is handling treatment like a champ.


In 2019, Joey was diagnosed and soon after, Joey’s mom Kimberly found out about A Kid Again.

“A fellow cancer mom gave me a list of resources and groups to join.  At the time, Bill [my husband] was traveling more and it was not feasible for us to join in Adventures,” said Kimberly.  “By the time we moved [to Southwest Ohio], I knew so many families in the cancer world that just loved A Kid Again and we couldn’t WAIT to join.”

Since joining A Kid Again, the Chiulli family (which includes five kids: Nick, Kiera, Mikayla, Joey and Alisyn) have enjoyed the BB Riverboat, Kings Island and Pool Party Adventures.

“A Kid Again has afforded us the opportunities to get out and about that we don’t always do.  Part of the effect of treatment on the family is just the drain, mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, just everything seems to get sucked dry,” said Kimberly. “The best part of A Kid Again is that someone else is planning it all, getting it all together, making sure it’s safe, and THEN, when we get there, I see other parents who are just as tired, who worry just as much, who get the ‘looks’ at their bald kid with the NG tube, and know just how this feels. For my kids, they not only get to have fun but they get to see Mom/Dad relaxed and being a kid again too!”

Joey is still undergoing treatment but he’s made friendships that help when he’s feeling isolated. He recently spent time with his “best cancer buddy” Brayden at Kings Island and Kimberly is grateful for the relationship she’s developed with Brayden’s mom.

“The people we have met and the relationships we have developed over the last two years are the shiniest silver lining of any cloud.  A Kid Again is yet another example of the awesome displays of caring and humanity we have seen during this difficult time,” said Kimberly.

“With A Kid Again, Joey gets to just be Joey.”

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