Meet Aiden – Central Ohio

Aiden and his parents, Heather and Nate, are from Moundsville, WV. At a 20-week ultrasound, doctors diagnosed Aiden with congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH), a birth defect that does not allow the diaphragm to develop properly or fully. Within an hour of being born Aiden was put on life support and was taken to surgery one day later. Heather and Nate were finally able to hold their new son at one month old.

Now at three years old, Aiden is doing better. He loves to watch YouTube videos, trace his letters and numbers, and is also a big fan of counting. 

Heather, Nate and Aiden were introduced to A Kid Again by friends and enrolled in the organization in 2018. The family has enjoyed attending A Kid Again events including the Nutcracker and Dreamnight at the Columbus Zoo. “A Kid Again plans fun events to look forward to when you have a lot of medical and doctors’ appointments typically”, says Aiden’s mom Heather. Additionally, she wants other families to know that “it can be a rollercoaster but know that there is hope and lots of nonprofit organizations that can really help”.

A Kid Again strives to provide a respite from the stress of doctor’s appointments and worry of the future. It is our goal for the whole family to feel hope, happiness and healing when attending Adventures.

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