Jarrets Journey

My son Jarret is 13 years old and has Jacobsen syndrome.  As a result, he has multiple diagnoses.  Jarret has had two heart surgeries, the first at four days old.  He is monitored every six months for his heart defects.  He has immunodeficiency, and receives treatment through his chest mediport monthly to boost his immune system.  Jarrett also has Thrombocytopenia, a bleeding disorder, and has received multiple blood and platelet transfusions over the years.

Our family has been a part of A Kid Again since 2011, which has been a blessing to all of us!

A Kid Again staff have been great listeners when I just needed a sympathetic ear.  Adventures give us a break from the medical world; a chance to just be a typical family enjoying time spent together.  They also give us the opportunity to socialize with other families.

 My children enjoy meeting other children and families that understand what it is like to have medical issues or be a sibling of a child with medical issues.  A Kid Again gives us a chance to have fun, catch up with old friends, and make new friends!  

We look forward to the Holiday Party at Matthew 25: Ministries all year.  The staff and volunteers are very friendly and helpful.  The kids love the games and the craft stations, and I enjoy catching up with friends.  I love taking pictures of the kids while they are having fun and posing with the characters at the party.  My children cannot decide their favorite part of the annual Holiday Party because they love everything!

With all the medical appointments, procedures, school, bills, and other things that pop up money is tight.   Thank you so much for making these special experiences possible for my family the other families that are blessed to participate with A Kid Again.

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