STEM INventure


Have you ever wanted to get creative and build a fun invention with everyday items?  Well you’re in luck with STEM in a Box!  Both parents & kids of all ages will want to take part in the exciting challenge to create their own Rube Goldberg machine!  What’s that, you say?  It’s a silly “machine” made to do a simple task – but with as many steps as possible!

Thanks to GPD Group, this is a perfect Adventure for the whole family!  Your machine can start out simple and expand into something even more complex as you add steps.  Every family member can get their creativity flowing!  It can be as simple or as complicated as each family chooses and GPD/AKA are here to help, and make it fun!

You’ll be provided with a kit of materials to get you going. There will be several challenges and prizes involved which will be announced later. So don’t forget to take video of your successes AND bloopers!  More details to come in March on a live interaction session and challenge submission deadlines.  For now, make sure you RSVP to get your box!

RSVP Deadline – March 1, 2021

This will be a similar distribution to Adventures in a Box.  We expect to have the STEM box available by mid-March, but an email with further details will be sent to those who RSVP.

*Please note the “event date” of 3/25 is a placeholder date for a live virtual interaction session subject to change.  There is no in-person event on this date.


Additional Events


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October 15, 2023 | 6:00 PM
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