New Markets Expansion:

Michigan • Illinois • West Virginia • Kentucky • Alabama • Washington D.C. • Maryland •
Pennsylvania • New York • New Jersey • Delaware

A Kid Again is a children’s charity dedicated to the health of not only the child living with a life-threatening condition; but the entire family. We’re working on bringing Adventure to as many markets as possible! Children in need of support, can’t wait. That’s why even as we’re working behind the scenes to get boots on the ground to build new local chapters, we thought, why not bring Adventure to you in other ways as soon as possible!

Being a kid means waking up to endless possibilities and the anticipation of all the Adventures that await outside your door. But when a child gets sick, childhood itself just stops.

This is the very reason A Kid Again was created.

Adventures In Box. Kids having fun at home

While we can’t be together for in-person Adventures, that doesn’t mean we can’t deliver hope, happiness, and healing to you and your family. That’s why we’re kicking off “Adventures in a Box” near you today!

Thanks to the support of local volunteers, donors, and sponsors, we can send you Adventures in a Box – a program that delivers a box packed full of activities you can do together as a family. Think of it as all the fun, excitement, and imagination in your child’s daily adventure, all rolled into as many as 3 different activities. It’s like a bunch of little Adventures ready for your living room! (or wherever you choose to enjoy Adventure!)

Hurry. Adventure awaits. Sign up your family for Adventures in a Box and get started with A Kid Again today!

We’re excited to bring Adventure to your child and family!

Our Mission is Their Adventure.

The mission of A Kid Again is to foster hope, happiness, and healing for families with a child facing a life-threatening condition by providing year-round, cost-free, group activities designed to take their minds off their daily challenges while creating happy memories.

Studies show that providing activities like these not only helps the child; but, the entire family better manage their daily lives and gives them something to look forward to while working through many medical treatments.

Little girl and sibling having fun at the zoo. Sign up Today Button

How We Do It

We accomplish this mission through the dedication of our volunteer network and the generosity of our donors. We strive to go beyond activities, providing comprehensive, practical support to help families cope with the extended effects of life-threatening conditions. Year ‘round fun-filled Adventures that allow children with life-threatening conditions to feel like A Kid Again. A Kid Again works to create a communal and interactive environment. Our program establishes ongoing, nurturing experiences that complement but do not overtake their day-to-day living.