Enjoy Adventures as a Family

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Since A Kid Again was founded in 1995, we have grown to serve all 50 states!

What makes A Kid Again unique?
A Kid Again is unique from other organizations because we provide a community of other families navigating life while raising a medically complex child.  We accomplish this through meet and greet areas at in-person Adventures, chats during virtual Adventures, gaming teams in ESports, and hosting family Facebook groups.

What’s an Adventure?
An Adventure is a cost-free, care-free experience for your entire immediate family. It’s a break from doctor and hospital visits, infusions, chemotherapy and the hard days of raising a child with a life-threatening condition.

How do I enroll my child?
It’s simple! Just click the enroll now button to begin your application process.  The online application allows A Kid Again to collect the necessary information on your family and child’s diagnosis.

What are the requirements for enrolling?
There are only two requirements! The enrolled child must be under 20 years of age and their diagnosis must be deemed life-threatening by a medical professional.

How do I know if my child qualifies?
Several diagnoses automatically qualify a child for enrollment. Some diagnoses require additional questions and approval from our Medical Advisory Committee. When completing the application, please be as thorough as possible to help us understand your child’s diagnosis.

The kids we serve Pie Chart.

Every year, more than 27,000 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. With the help of volunteers and donors, A Kid Again is here to help these children and their families reclaim innocence and recapture moments of pure joy. Bringing A Kid Again to more markets means more children facing life-threatening conditions and their families can enjoy Adventures as a family.