Director of Fiscal Operations



Responsible for all aspects and functions of the accounting department including General Ledger activities and maintenance and financial statement preparation, as well as oversight of Accounts Payable and payroll. Reviews and/or maintains all activity with subsidiary accounting systems and software. Works with the budget committee and staff develops annual operating budget and monitors budget format monthly. Acts as liaison to the audit committee and auditors. Prepares and submits all documentation required for the annual audit. Provides all accounting reports and supporting documentation to the CEO, COO, and executive board, as requested.



General Ledger

  1. Monitor and approve daily transactions in the GL.
  2. Input and reconcile contributions with fundraising module.
  3. Perform all monthly bank reconciliations

Financial Statements

  1. Prepare all monthly standard journal entries, as well as any additional entries.
  2. Perform all account reconciliations and month-end closing activities.
  3. Close the prior month within seven business days of the month-end.
  4. Provide Statement of Operations, Statement of Financial Position, and Statement of Changes in Net Assets to CEO at the month-end close.
  5. Provide additional analysis reports as requested.

Operating Budget

  1. Acts as the lead staff person to develop the total annual operating budget, providing historical detail of events and accounts and all documents necessary to develop budgets.
  2. Develops annual budget for general accounts.
  3. Provides budget reports to all staff as requested.
  4. Coordinates and enters all department budgets as submitted by staff; reviews for revisions.
  5. Provides all budget documentation plus any ancillary reports to the organization budget committee.
  6. Inputs and monitors all budget information into the accounting system.
  7. Provide budget analysis reports as requested.
  8. Coordinates mid-year budget projection process with staff and inputs all data into the system.
  9. Monitors and reviews all budget projection data and produces reports as needed.


Annual Audit

  1. Coordinates and communicates with auditors to provide all financial reports and year-end documentation.
  2. Prepares and maintains all subsidiary account ledgers as requested and required by Auditors.
  3. Acts as liaison to audit firms throughout the year for questions and any extraordinary transactions.
  4. Acts as the primary contact for auditors while on-site for fieldwork to provide any additional requested information.
  5. Provides all reports and data required by auditors for executing the organization’s Annual Form 990 to the Internal Revenue Service.


  1. Assists Fund-raising department with data entry of contributions to ensure accurate reconciliation of General Ledger and Fundraising modules.
  2. Provides assistance with the execution of payroll functions, including paychecks and payroll taxes as needed.
  3. Manages accounting assistant
  4. Other duties as assigned or delegated by the CEO.


  1. Bachelor’s Degree required
  2. 5-7 years of experience in accounting systems and software
  3. Working knowledge of QuickBooks
  4. Trained and proficient in Microsoft Excel
  5. Excellent communication skills
  6. Excellent organizational skills

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