Be A Kid Again Day

Imagine being A Kid Again…a balloon in your hand and laughter escaping your lips. Childhood should be carefree! Unfortunately, this isn’t a reality for every kid. But you can make a difference!

National Be A Kid Again Day is coming on July 8th and we will be celebrating all month long! And our goal is simple…to give 285 kids with life-threatening conditions much needed Adventures.

What do our Balloons Mean to You?

Our balloons have meaning and you can spread the word by decorating printable A Kid Again balloons! Be as creative as you want…add glitter and feathers or make your balloons sparkle. Remember…the sky is the limit when balloons are involved!

Then be sure to write what our balloons mean to you, cut along the dotted line, and share your artwork on your social media using the hashtag #NationalBeAKidAgainDay and tag @AKidAgain.

“It means that I’m not alone and other people are going through the same thing as me and they’re not alone. And it makes me feel good.”
PJ, age 8

Photo of people holding balloons

Send us your balloon art today!

Download Balloon Color Sheet

  1. Print and color your balloons!
  2. Share a picture or video with them to Facebook (tag @AKidAgain) or
    Instagram (tag @A_Kid_Again)
  3. Tell us what our balloons mean to you using the
    hashtag #NationalBeAKidAgainDay

Download Color Sheet

Other ways to help on National Be A Kid Again Day

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